Time of Cholera Service Tips and Tricks To Protect iPhone 11 Pro Max Screens

Tips and Tricks To Protect iPhone 11 Pro Max Screens

Tips and Tricks To Protect iPhone 11 Pro Max Screens post thumbnail image

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is hands down one of the best smartphones on the market, with its gorgeous OLED display being one of the main attractions. However, as an iPhone 11 Pro Max owner myself, I know how easily that beautiful screen can get scratched or damaged if you’re not careful. In this article, I’ll share some of the top tips and tricks I’ve learned over time to help keep iPhone 11 Pro Max screens looking flawless.
One of the most important things is getting a proper screen protector. These thin films have saved my screen countless times from tiny scratches. I always go for a tempered glass protector – they’re more durable than plastic or other films. Make sure to take your time applying it to avoid dust or bubbles. A sturdy case is another must – look for one with raised edges to prevent placing your phone screen down.
Cleaning your screen regularly is also important. I keep a microfiber cloth handy to wipe away fingerprints and oils that can cause micro-abrasions over time. Just use water or an approved screen cleaner – no chemicals are needed. And be mindful of where you put that expensive screen. I try to avoid carrying it loose in pockets or bags to prevent scratches from keys or coins.
Your environment matters too. I don’t like exposing my iPhone to extreme heat or cold for long periods if I can avoid it. Temperature swings aren’t great for electronics. I also adjust the screen sensitivity in settings since I wear gloves a lot in the winter. This helps prevent accidental taps or swipes that could lead to micro-scratches. And do yourself a favour – keep those fingernails trimmed short! Long nails are a recipe for disaster on that gorgeous screen.
Some other pro tips – use a screen lock like Face ID for security and to prevent accidental inputs. Look into AppleCare+ or other insurance just in case. Finally, apply screen protectors super carefully, following directions to avoid bubbles or particles getting trapped underneath. With a little preventative care like this, your iPhone 11 Pro Max screens should stay pristine for years to come.

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