Time of Cholera Service Self-Care at the Table: Nurturing Your Well-Being During Meetings

Self-Care at the Table: Nurturing Your Well-Being During Meetings

Self-Care at the Table: Nurturing Your Well-Being During Meetings post thumbnail image

Meetings can be a drag, especially if they take up a large chunk of your day or you have multiple back-to-back meetings. But just because you have to attend these meetings doesn’t mean you have to dread them. In fact, meetings can be opportunities to show off your skills, establish your presence, and network with other professionals. To make the most of your meetings and avoid getting burnt out, try these strategies to be good to yourself during meetings.

Plan ahead of time – Before each meeting, make a list of what you hope to achieve by attending the meeting. This will help you stay focused and make the meeting more productive. Additionally, make sure to block off some time before and after the meeting on your calendar to give yourself time to prepare and follow up.
Prioritize your time – Not every meeting requires your full attention. If you receive a meeting request for a topic that isn’t relevant to you, don’t be afraid to decline or suggest that a colleague attend instead. Additionally, if you have multiple meetings back-to-back, try to take a break in between to recharge and refocus.
Set boundaries – It’s easy to get caught up in the energy of a meeting, especially if there are strong personalities in the room. However, it’s essential to set boundaries and assert yourself when necessary. If you feel like your opinion isn’t being heard, speak up. If the meeting is running overtime, politely suggest wrapping up.
Practice mindfulness – Meetings can be stressful, especially if you don’t know all of the attendees or if it’s a high-pressure situation. To help calm your nerves, try practicing mindfulness techniques before and during the meeting. Take a few deep breaths, focus on your breathing, and visualize yourself having a successful meeting.
Celebrate your wins – After the meeting is over, take some time to celebrate your accomplishments. Did you speak up and contribute to the conversation? Did you achieve your goals for the meeting? Give yourself a pat on the back and take note of what you did well. This will help build your confidence and make you more excited for the next meeting.
Good to you at the meeting (到會邊間好) can be overwhelming, but with a little bit of planning and self-care, you can turn them into opportunities to showcase your skills and network with others. By prioritizing your time, setting boundaries, and practicing mindfulness, you’ll be able to make your presence count and leave the meeting feeling proud of what you accomplished. So next time you have a meeting on your calendar, remember to take a deep breath, prioritize your goals, and be good to yourself.


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