Time of Cholera General Chronic Kidney Disease: The Pervasive Health Threat By Dr Hari Saini

Chronic Kidney Disease: The Pervasive Health Threat By Dr Hari Saini

Chronic Kidney Disease: The Pervasive Health Threat By Dr Hari Saini post thumbnail image

Among persistent health challenges, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) emerges as a significant contender, posing a formidable threat to public health globally. This Dr Hari Saini
piece delves into how internal medicine plays a fundamental part in maneuvering this nephrologic nemesis.

Beyond The Symptoms: Comprehending Chronic Kidney Disease

CKD, characterized by the gradual loss of kidney function over time, can lead to complications like heart disease and kidney failure. Often, it remains undetected until the advanced stages due to its subtly manifesting symptoms, adding to its threatening nature.

Defending Renal Health: Internal Medicine’s Involvement

Extending their expertise beyond their conventional roles, internists often orchestrate the management of CKD. Identifying early-stage disease during routine check-ups, guiding patients through lifestyle modifications, overseeing medication regimes, and referring to nephrologists when necessary are integral parts of their role.

As renowned internist Dr Hari Saini asserts, “We play a dual role – detecting CKD in its initial stages during regular exams and determining the root causes. We then outline a customized treatment pathway, incorporating lifestyle amendments, Dr Hari Saini medication, patient education, and coordinate care with nephrologists if the need arises.”

Steering Toward Health: Prevention And Treatment

Prevention strategies, anchored by internal medicine, stress on the importance of regular screening, a healthy diet, adequate physical activity, and stringent control of blood pressure and sugar levels. For patients diagnosed with CKD, therapy encompasses modifying lifestyle, careful management of medications, patient education, and regular monitoring of kidney function.


In the realm of CKD, internal medicine emerges as a beacon of hope. With its early detection strategy, prevention-centric approach, and comprehensive management plans, internists turn the tide against this pervasive disease. As we continue on this Dr Hari Saini journey towards preserving kidney health, let’s remember, it is not an unwinnable war but a battle to be fought with vigilance, discipline, and expert guidance.

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